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December 26, 2013


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Part 7Part 7

(y/n)s POV

About a week passed as I settled into my new home, the self-titled "Creepypasta Mansion." It really was huge, and I wondered how noone had ever noticed it when walking through the woods. I didn't see the Slenderman, but I figured it - he - was patrolling the woods around the house as Tim, and his companion, Hoody, sometimes did.

I met most of the houses occupants, including Slendermans brother, Splendorman, and the "doctor" of the house, Eyeless Jack. They were all pretty creepy, but were nice enough once you got to know them.

The most intriguing of the mansions occupants had to be BEN. He was dressed in elven gear, a bit like Link from Majoras Mask, only he was paler and his eyes were nothing but black gaping holes with tiny red pupils. He seemed to be wary of both me and Tim for some reason.

One day, he said:
"They'll be looking for you, you know."
I stared at him, confused and a little weirded out. Suddenly, he disappeared, seeemingly into the TV he had been playing videogames on. It flickered briefly before turning onto the local news channel.
How is he doing that? I thought,We can't get cable out here in the woods....

The anchorwoman shuffled her papers nervously and turned to face the camera.
"Searches for local girl, (first name) (last name) , are moving into their seventh day...." she began in a squeaky voice.
"The examination of the woods near her house has turned up traces of blood, but police are yet to confirm whether or not it is hers..." she chirped on, like my life was nothing, just news to be read out.

Letters flashed on the screen, urging anyone who might know of my whereabouts to come forward. Shots of my parents, eyes swollen, asking for me to please come back , we miss you so much, please, come back.

Oh, God...

I felt sick, like in my dream, so dizzy and tired , trying to comprehend what I had done.

Come on, (y/n) ,  you know this! You came here because- I came here because....because Tim loves me. That was how he saved me.Right?

Just then, Tim came in, dragging his left leg behind him.
"Holy crap!" I shouted, suddenly coming to my senses.
Tracing from his left ankle to just under his knee were fresh burns and lacerations.

Eyeless Jack quickly came running down the stairs with a bulging first aid kit. He got Tim to lye down on the couch, the same couch Tim had laid me on a week ago, and opened up the kit.

"(y/n)," said Eyeless Jack, "Could you help me with this please?"
I agreed and helped Tim roll up whar was left of his lower pant leg up over his knee.He winced. I could see hime supress screams of pain as Jack gently daubed antiseptic on the fleshy pink of the wounds. I helped to hold Tim down while Jack applied antiseptic and dressed the wound.

"Tim....what happened?"
"We-we were patrolling the woods and there were- there were policemen- Slenedrman was- he was hungry- he got angry be cause they spotted us-he attacked and- hit me- accidentally...."
"Oh, God...Tim.."

I came here because Tim loves me. That was how he saved me, right?
But maybe...Maybe I'm..I'm starting to love him too..

And again, I buried my face in his chest, feeling his warmth, and sobbed pathetically into his accepting embrace.


More coming soon.

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