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Chapter 1.

(y/n)s POV

The rumours had been floating around our dusty old town for months. That the house at the end of Springley Road was haunted. The girls at school whispered feverishly about children walking down there and never being seen again. Finally, they dared me.

It's simple, right?

Go to the house and venture around it as much as possible. Bring back a souvenir if you can. And I decided to do it.


I snuck out of the house under the pretence of a girls night out. As I walked towards the house on Springley, I met with the girls, Lucy and co., as they were known.

"We'll leave you here~!" they said as they stood outside the leeterbox. I could hear their laughter as I approached the door. There was no turning back now.

I opened the door. It was unlocked, which was unexpected. The musty smell of the faded carpet burnt my nostrils, and I resolved to breathe through my mouth.

There were three paths I could take now. I could continue down the hallway, explore what was behind the green door to my left, or go up the stairs. I chose the stairs.

Jeffs POV

I had been waiting for this as long as I could remember. Finally someone unafraid of me and the reputation I had given this filthy house.

It wasn't my fault I had to hide. It was the worlds own fault that they were afraid of me and my beautiful scarred face.

I had decided. I would have some fun with this girl. And then I would kill her.

-end of Chapter One-


Jeff the Killer X Reader Fanfic by homersquish

/ / ©2013-2015 homersquish


This is  old. I found it in a folder I thought I lost.

Does it really qualify as an X Reader?

Again, I wanna thank :iconnyanjeffdakilller: and :iconsquishykitt: for being awesome writers, wifes, and unnies.

They are so nice~!

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