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---EJ's POV---

(y/n) was due back at the Creepypasta Mansion in little over 2 hours. I knew what I had to do. I had decided to do this classily. It was bake!

---(y/n's) POV---

The scent of something sweet threatened to take my nose hostage as I walked in the door.
"Uuuuum,guys? Did you, like , try to cook again?" I asked, briefly reminded of the time Slenderman and his brothers had tried to bake Jeff a birthday cake. BEN popped his head out of the entrance to the kitchen.

"Actually, yeah. Jack is pretty good at making these do you call them?"
"Mini black forest gateaus,"came a voice from the kitchen. "(y/n) , would you like one? I put Easter eggs on them."
"How do I know you haven't put, like, intestines or something in them?"
BEN turned around with an evil smile.
"Because if he did that, I'd complain about the taste and Jack'd get in trouble with Slendy." he laughed.

~・:*:・゜TIME SKIP . ゜・:*:・~

3 hours later and Jack was still trying to feed me.He'd kept it up ever since I'd arrived, and now, I was starting to give in. I'd moved to the couch and he sat in front of me,waving the little cake in front of my nose, the scent of cherries and chocolate clouding my brain.

"Ok, I give in. Gimme the food."
"Nope~" he said," you're not getting it that easily now~"
I blinked a couple of times as if to say Are you serious? and he ignored me.
"Close your eyes, okay, and open your mouth so I can feed you~"

Anxiously, I closed my eyes.

A little piece of cherry slid past my lips, then some chocolate icing, thick and creamy, and then, a thick piece of cake, rich and warm and delicious. Shit,I thought, this is delicious..

"Okay, Jack. Um...more please?"
"Keep your eyes closed."

Expecting another piece of cake, I kept my eyes closed, and was met with the warm and slightly sweet taste of Jack's lips.

"Hey," he said, "You taste good~"

I'd never seen him without his mask. He looked..good. Cheeks burning, I punched him lightly in the stomach.

"Oh, fuck! That hurts!" he shouted, feeling the impact on the absence of his internal organs.

"I'm just gonna pretend I didn't hear that." I smirked and walked back into the kitchen to get some more cake.

Eyeless Jack X Reader--Easter Suprise by homersquish

/ / ©2014-2015 homersquish



EJ (c) whoever

You (c) you

Sorry if there are misspells..just a random thing I made...for fun..
SliverPaw89 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
Funny, Jack doesn't have internal organs.
18mc Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
LOL so funny!!!
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